come now


Come now. 



Drape yourself like a bedsheet.



Cast yourself like a shadow. 

Do not carry a single thing — simple or complicated. 

Nothing that bears weight shall you hold.

You are being now.

Not doing.

No furrowed forehead or drawn jaw. 



Open up. 

Shoulders sinking.

Head resting. 

Heart cupped and held. 

Fingers grazing amongst placidity. 

Eyes beholding swelling light that has come to canvas you. 

Amenity to abide with you. 

Good will for your lame will. 

All your inwards, puddling outwards, wetting parched landscapes.

Let it go. 

Let it be. 

Watch and see. 

What happens when you just come? 

Ever so intently. 

Ever so honestly.

Ever so tenderly. 

Ever being an eternal being. 


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