I almost hate to admit it, but I actually missed summer the other day. Being barefooted, picking whatever I need from the garden, nesting boxes full of pretty eggs, sneaking down to the creek, endless days and late nights in the hammock… and of course, not running kids around like a Tasmanian devil. I miss … Continue reading soothe


Day 12 on GAPS intro and I’m pretty much over it. Over the worst of the detox and over broth and stewed meat. I need to keep broth as a three-times-a-day staple though so I better learn to like it. I don’t dislike it, it’s just that I’m ready for crunchy salads. And something baked. … Continue reading through


Some days just ache beyond anything articulate. There are tears for those day, I suppose. But that ache, it’s in the bones and marrow. The blood and cells. Everything inside knows, even when our outside doesn’t. Grief is a weasel of a word.  I’ve spent four decades on this spinning ball. I can only hope … Continue reading grief

tru berry

Ever since January has arrived, Tru Evelyn has announced a daily countdown to all, as to how many days until her birthday. Sometimes I’ll be told more than once in a day, how many sleeps before she turns 8. Maybe she’s nervous the birthday fairy is the same as the tooth fairy (who is obviously … Continue reading tru berry


Well… I’m 4 days into Stage 1 GAPS and there is no question my body is detoxing hard. Yesterday my face was rashy and bumpy and I knew toxins were coming to the surface. This is the only time to be thrilled about acne. I fluctuate between hot and cold several times a day. I’m … Continue reading detox


It’s project time upstairs. I’ve been working to get things ready for the bathroom remodel. It won’t really be a lot of remodeling as much as it will be replacing. It’s a tiny bath and it should go rather quickly and hopefully without issue. I was gifted some of the major items I needed (thank … Continue reading project

to be well

There are few colors to describe winter. It’s muted and drab. I find my descriptions bloom when the flowers do. Or if we could finally get some snow, I bet my brain would light up with wonder. White has always brought hope to my weary eyes. The hubby knows what I need and provides generously. I’m … Continue reading to be well


January has come and I finally cut back the grape vines and wisteria. I also pruned the berry bushes. They are dormant now, and will sleep off the rest of winter as long as we have cooler temps. I tossed all the debris into a pile in the garden and torched it until it was … Continue reading january

great undoer

Divine do-overs. Overs, as in more than one. We get 365 in a calendar year. That’s impressive. Reminds me of going to an arcade where the tokens never end. Game over isn’t really a thing that way. It’s game over then game on, again and again. I can be a sore loser or I can … Continue reading great undoer


Today I saw dozens of black cows standing freckled in the drizzle in an open and golden field.  Not long after, a string of black balancing birds perched on an electrical wire against a gray sky like a poster. She shed languishing tears onto her black embroidered shirt while holding a fading black and white … Continue reading pacey