summer’s end

I can barely stand how overgrown the garden is at present. August is typically trial by fire month for my little patch of heaven. With such a wet and mild end to summer, I’ve inherited a surplus of weeds and overgrowth.  My green beans took forever to produce this year. I planted a vine variety instead … Continue reading summer’s end


I squint at swaying treetops and wish I could volley overhead like the wind does. Or scamper from branch to bowing branch like the squirrels do. They remind me of restless children bounding on beds, waking every sleepyhead.  The hawks hover. They barely pump their wings; they just harness the air like a sail, and … Continue reading trails

paradise found

Open your eyes. Look closely. Deeply. Do you see it? It’s there. It’s right there. Like a wardrobe, or maybe a rabbit hole. Perhaps it’s a portal, but it leads to an inconceivable reality where all things are possible, and nothing is impossible. Where what the mind is able to fathom, can materialize with perfect … Continue reading paradise found


The minutes slip through my hands like reigns I’ve lost hold of. There they go, making off in the mouths of horses, within seconds worth of freedom. Why must they be such runaways? Feral moments: I can’t manage or keep you, one bridle or bit. Chasing. The days are full of chasing. My soul can … Continue reading chase


I’m 40 today. Thought I’d take time to count and give thanks. So many things, I love. ❤️ thoughtfulness  fresh pine litter in the coop salty foreheads on my little ones smudgy fingerprints = signs of life Murphy’s oil soap & pine-sol eucalyptus anything when white cream swirls into black coffee dark garden soil warmed … Continue reading forty


Ain’t that just the quintessential truth?  Honestly, I oscillate between the two extremes: hide, or be seen. And therein lies the tension of a communicator. Or, more presumptuous a statement — most human beings.  I could construct an entirely separate world of fiction, and tuck myself deep into some pocket within it. Maybe I’m in … Continue reading quotable


The sunflowers are gracefully bowing out. They’re exhausted, but giving all with their farewell performance. They have been summer-strong and generous — such tremendous givers. Next they’ll transition into drying season, and shed seeds until their heads are bald. Their fading beauty is incredibly selfless, as they give the last of themselves for us to … Continue reading sketch


I walked outside into a web of cotton candy humidity. The air was fibrous. My lungs strained to pull the thickness in. Sometimes breathing is an arduous task. Sometimes you have to labor to rest. Oftentimes, choosing to live is the most grueling exercise you’ll do in a day. But choose, you must… Choose, I … Continue reading muggy