The birds are louder than the thunder this morning. As I step outside well before sunrise, it feels like I have cracked the door to some ancient time, and am walking into a cathedral choir of songbirds. The acoustics — the kind you can only experience with high ceilings and insulated walls — swell about … Continue reading

This week’s weather has been like heaven. Heaven if I controlled the thermostat, anyhow. My zinnias are showing wild, and the roses bounced back from the heavy rains. They’ll give me an encore of a show beginning of autumn, but will most likely start to melt a bit when it turns summer for good. I … Continue reading

We made it back from the mountains. Back to the humid and soggy patch we call home. Think all we missed was rain. What I did not miss was the bugs. Our van stayed bug-guts-free until we headed back south. Way too many creepy crawly things here in Arkansas. I did enjoy the lack thereof … Continue reading