The birds are loud in Colorado. I guess they know who rules the nippy air here. A handful of plump blue jays jet set through a burly oak tree. They’re like business men in suits with slicked-back hair and fancy dress ties dangling down their backs. They’re up early and at work on a weekend … Continue reading golden


How do you know the measure of a man? Do you slop all his guts and marrow on a scale? Watch it teeter between love and lust? Waiver between victim and villain? Does the value increase as the poise slides along the beam? Or does it decrease as he adds up like dead weight?  Does … Continue reading measure

love never fails

You found me oh so broken, the shadow of a soul was all to hold. But you saw me as a token, something precious to be had and to behold. But still I didn’t see you, so obscure in this thing called love. Revealing a mystery so profound it had to come from above. Love…it … Continue reading love never fails


As soon as my eyes open, the storytelling begins. I could probably narrate every inconsequential and incidental detail as I live it; I have lots of voices inside that read aloud to me. Sometimes even my best shorthand can’t transcribe it, though, for the sheer speed of life. But, mostly, it’s like a movie that … Continue reading story


My vision droops. Chin can feel like it carries all the weight of me in its pointed self. Then it’s clumsy naval-gazing as I bump into walls like a game of pinball. It’s no good, that view. It’s low. Pity-full.  There’s so much little to see in a day: flashy things that offer little more … Continue reading eyes


I pour the morning’s leftover milk from mason jars into the cat bowl, as a rare creamy treat for my felines. Nothing wasted.  I shake out leftover rice and turned greens into the chicken run, as eager birds wobble and gobble towards me. Nothing wasted.  I’ll scoop and shovel litter and poo into the compost … Continue reading waste


As I assess the garden, I find myself eager to cut it back. The fruit bushes look ratchet and hungover, but there’s still life there; it’s not time yet. I resign myself to watching it fall fast asleep yet another fall/winter. As a garden keeper I understand the basic principles, like when to sow, reap, … Continue reading pruning

one another

I live in a “one-anothering” town. I didn’t even know places like this existed until I moved here from southeast Michigan twenty-two years ago. I remember my first impressions, fresh out of high school. “What is this place?” It felt a bit Mayberry but I truly didn’t mind, even as a teenager. I welcomed the … Continue reading one another