The cardinal couple visited me this morning. I watched the male pull a worm from the ground and then feed it to the female. It was the most endearing sight to behold. The female perched on the wisteria long enough for me to snap a few photos before gliding to the ground to meet her … Continue reading

The sun is set to rise in five minutes and I take the moments in between to wonder how we can know such algorithms. Daybreak and nightfall like appointments, keeping their commitments to uncover and cover for as long as we spin here. They say the only certainty in life is uncertainty yet I consider … Continue reading

love war

It’s said that all is fair in love and war. This is how we justify the extreme measures taken to win both. How we rationalize lesser loss for greater gain, the means for the coveted end. Both are costly. Both are unfair. Both tally and bury casualties. Both scorn at the notion that any price … Continue reading love war

the other day

I knew it would smell like spring when I stepped outside. The mixture of dew and dirt swirl together just beneath my nose as if I’m sniffing the bouquet of a fine wine. I let it swell for a moment, see how it settles over me. I give the spring morning a proper hello as I bow … Continue reading the other day