Summer is yawning over me with its hot breath. Naturally, I yawn right back, true to the phenomenon. I slow as the temperature rises. Not my schedule or demands, sadly, but my energy. My inspiration. Can’t tell you what a cool breeze does for me. I’m a lot like the cucumbers that wilt at high … Continue reading

It’s been a mostly kind summer so far. I know it won’t last, though. This week’s humidity is just a foretaste. I’ve known this so I’ve made the most of the cool mornings and nights. Plenty of hammock hangs and standing in the breeze, letting it whip my hair. Been somewhat intentional to be still … Continue reading

trap crop

When I was a little girl I once dug a huge hole in the backyard in hopes of reaching hell. In my child-mind I thought I could dig my way to the problem (which was clearly at the center of the earth) and once there, punch it square in the face. True story. I had … Continue reading trap crop

redo and re-entry

We tore out the old chicken run this weekend. Having lost two flocks of birds to stray dogs is enough reason for that. It’ll be a walk-in run when we’re finished with it—more convenient and secure. I scaled the shed to yank the wisteria that had climbed into the black walnut tree and then peeled … Continue reading redo and re-entry


This week’s wind had me thinking of the Dust Bowl days. That and a brief conversation with a friend of mine about this pandemic. You mix together a dash of man-made crisis with a pinch of natural disaster and you reap a whirlwind like bowling dust. Overworking your plot of land and life, stripping it … Continue reading dirt


I saw more worms today than I have people in the last month. My feet hurt tonight. My garden shoes have no support and I’m feeling it. Feeling the flatness of this quarter acre lot I’m trying to cultivate. Feeling the histamine working over my nose and throat. I’m allergic to everything I love about … Continue reading goodnight

These are weird days right here.  My house is full of piano runs,  guitar strums, and puppy calls. There’s also press conferences and updates breaking in through all of that. The south wind is perplexed — a mixture of warmth and frenzy. I wonder what degree panic idles at? How about peace? If one were … Continue reading

The cardinal couple visited me this morning. I watched the male pull a worm from the ground and then feed it to the female. It was the most endearing sight to behold. The female perched on the wisteria long enough for me to snap a few photos before gliding to the ground to meet her … Continue reading

The sun is set to rise in five minutes and I take the moments in between to wonder how we can know such algorithms. Daybreak and nightfall like appointments, keeping their commitments to uncover and cover for as long as we spin here. They say the only certainty in life is uncertainty yet I consider … Continue reading