24 hours

The past 24 hours have been eventful, to say the least. You just never know what a day will hold, and if you’re even able to hold it. Because let’s face it: sometimes it’s a game of High and Low on steroids.

Sometimes, a day can spill into your lap like hot coffee on the drive to school, while already running late, after hollering and hurrying (I prefer motivating) kids out the door like a drill sergeant, as a swear word slurs out of your mouth in slow (annunciated) motion, whilst you attempt to curtail it to a PG word without success. Yeah. Sometimes it’s like that. Because piping hot coffee — on any (especially private) parts — burns.

Side note: This is actually an almost-not-funny memory from last year, where I was SO ANGRY, but one of my teens had the gall to snicker, though clearly trying to hold it in, but was unable to refrain. This, in turn, caused another to giggle, then another… then eventually me, but more like a crazy-lady cackle on my end. Pretty sure my curse word was buried under all the nervous laughter after that.

OR…you get a frantic phone call at bedtime, then rush to the scene where emergency workers and police officers are tending to a collision your child, and friends (and 3 cars total) were involved in. And now there are no swears, but only thanks, and wide eyes, and vigilant care throughout the wee hours of the night in the emergency room. Thank you, Lord, for keeping power. And, I’m sorry I’m cranky and slightly delirious from sleep deprivation and nearly 6 hours in the hospital.

Side note: We all made the most of it.


AND THEN, with only three hours of sleep under your eyelids, you are summoned to shop with your Homecoming maid for the ideal dress for court. But you love your humble woman-child and you want everything perfectly perfect, at any cost. And you find it really is perfect. The dress, that is. As well as the loveliness that is this one, whom will polish off her grade school career this spring with all the other Seniors.

Un. Believable.


Disclaimer: dress shown here is not THEE dress. I would be fileted for that.

I’m completely spent, and turning this 24 hours in for a new one.

And so sorry for all the run-on sentences…







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