Ain’t that just the quintessential truth?  Honestly, I oscillate between the two extremes: hide, or be seen. And therein lies the tension of a communicator. Or, more presumptuous a statement — most human beings.  I could construct an entirely separate world of fiction, and tuck myself deep into some pocket within it. Maybe I’m in … Continue reading quotable


The sunflowers are gracefully bowing out. They’re exhausted, but giving all with their farewell performance. They have been summer-strong and generous — such tremendous givers. Next they’ll transition into drying season, and shed seeds until their heads are bald. Their fading beauty is incredibly selfless, as they give the last of themselves for us to … Continue reading sketch


I walked outside into a web of cotton candy humidity. The air was fibrous. My lungs strained to pull the thickness in. Sometimes breathing is an arduous task. Sometimes you have to labor to rest. Oftentimes, choosing to live is the most grueling exercise you’ll do in a day. But choose, you must… Choose, I … Continue reading muggy


  Time is a tricky thing. Always borrowed. Never guaranteed. It wears disclaimers like: Handle with Caution and No Refunds. It’s quite the weasel. I’ve made good use of and squandered, both. I enjoy how it lends to healing but resent how it can be stolen so easily. I admire how things grow inside of … Continue reading time


When I was a little girl, I was quite the avid collector of dolls and stuffed animals. I enjoyed having my bed and arms full of my prized possessions. My earliest memory of such is a brown Barbie doll (she was African American, but brown to me). She was different from my other Barbies, so … Continue reading babies


I feel a cool draft blow over my hammock before realizing the temperature is dropping. It feels like someone left the back door open and all the AC is escaping. This summer has been baffling, but I’ll take it.  Cicadas are sounding off like an emergency broadcast system test. They are especially clamorous tonight. I … Continue reading breeze

good day

He shuffles towards me with a steaming mug of coffee, per his Saturday ritual. He’s also intentional to fill my favorite mugs. I’m still in bed, declaring my laziness to anyone who might be wondering my immediate plans. Moments before I was telling him the wild dream I had, with all of its rabbit holes. He … Continue reading good day