summer’s end

I can barely stand how overgrown the garden is at present. August is typically trial by fire month for my little patch of heaven. With such a wet and mild end to summer, I’ve inherited a surplus of weeds and overgrowth. 

My green beans took forever to produce this year. I planted a vine variety instead of my usual bush. It took much longer and a lot more space before putting on. They’ve climbed the stalks of the neighboring sunflowers, like tendrils wrapped around. I poked my head in yesterday during lunch break and saw beans at least 8” long, hanging. It feels like missing a “first” of the infant stage — like finding full-grown teeth protruding from gummy smiles. I feel bad that I’ve been oblivious to their baby steps, and that they are now full grown. I’ve just left them to raise themselves this month. 

I tossed at least a cup worth of raspberries into my mouth, as dessert. I managed to get two rounds of berries from my bushes this year, and the latter is a decent one. It was a lovely surprise to find them rising to the occasion, as a last hoorah to summer. 

We did receive rain last night, so the bed will be tender enough to weed with ease. I appreciate being able to pull up roots without straining. I enjoy weeding after the rain — it does half the work for me. And I get good and muddy. I sure do love playing in the dirt. 

There’s an abundance of moss and fern growing on the north side of the house. They love these damp conditions. With the dampness comes mold, though. I’m still struggling to breathe through it. 

We had some moisture inside our home last night, too — the kind that falls from eyes. But like every morning, new mercy greets us and kisses it better. I’m convinced, now more than ever, that grace is the remedy for every ailment. It’s not just a band aid: it’s the ointment that heals. It’s a lot like the rain, and makes tender the soil of our soul. It’s beneficial to soak it up and allow it to soften. It sure makes the weeding a lot easier, too. 


One thought on “summer’s end

  1. I love the parallels you find and bring to light. The grace rain…so true what you said about it making the weeding easier. And I love the image of the beans…almost laughed about the full grown teeth from gummy smiles! Just last week weren’t we clucking over the fact that those vines just didn’t produce; what do we know? Maybe they should be dubbed surprise beans. New fruit popping up unannounced in our souls, too, I suspect.

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