high & low

Sigh. It’s been a week. Found myself wanting to resign from the human race feeling not quite suited for it. Sense the cynicism squinting my eyes almond-shaped. Feel it trying to cinch my heart small, too. It’s misdirected (or undirected) anger, that cynical snare and glare. A narrowed view. A heart that won’t hope any … Continue reading high & low

counting down

Counting backward now Counting down Tallied marks like a prisoner etching a cell wall Maybe they are not days But moments Gone mad or glad clawing through bark Time runs from top to bottom Glissading down a slope Collecting a calendar year Into an hour glass A window sash inching toward the sill A door … Continue reading counting down

think tank

Been in a brainstorming powwow with some dear ones. It’s not your typical session of spewing ideas and seeing what sticks. It’s more like tossing out our bad ideas about things we can’t afford to be wrong about. I tend to lean toward bad ideas serving as a form of streamlining better ones. Meaning, once … Continue reading think tank


Sure takes a lot of energy to address discontentment. As a horizon watcher, I can miss the miles in between. Highway hypnosis. Ann’s quotable soul amnesia. Thinking I’ll feel finished when it’s finished. When I get there. But there are pertinent details and fine print I would skim and miss. The fear of missing out … Continue reading content


Today is my 41st birthday. I woke up pensive. Maybe it’s the rain but I’m certain that was dialed in to heaven on my behalf. I enjoy the gray more than most. It seems to hush all the other boisterous primary colors and I need that at times. Birthdays tend to be reflective times. I … Continue reading birthday


I used the miter saw yesterday for the first time in I can’t remember when. Strangely, it took me a moment to recall how to unlock it. Just a brief moment. It all came flooding back to me, though: the how-to, fear, sorrow, and recklessness. Woodworking doesn’t evoke any of these emotions; it was what … Continue reading saw


There was a time when I did a lot of singing. It feels like it was in another life. Wild how your days can become compartmentalized between the closed doors of seasons. It can feel like a dim corridor, walking through and considering the thresholds of days long gone. Some doors I dare not broach. Some … Continue reading doors


It’s been awhile. I have missed this quiet space. I remember when I first secured this domain in 2014 and it felt like I had bought real estate — a place to build something beautiful and meaningful. It still has that feel to me. This is a sacred space for my heart. It’s been busy … Continue reading creating