I never did prune the roses.  I let them go feral and jagged.  I do not like the thorns.  I cannot shirk injury so they grow more unruly. Undisciplined — the both of us.    There is a hole in my front porch. I hear squirrels gnawing in my ceiling. They are a banded army … Continue reading

mild night

Sprawled out on the trampoline with a sky full of stars hanging like a mobile. The Big Dipper is straight ahead, scooping up a ladle of the darkness. I’ve got a cat just as black on my belly, massaging his claws into my jacket with bliss. The clouds are moving rather quickly so my light-punctured … Continue reading mild night


I almost hate to admit it, but I actually missed summer the other day. Being barefooted, picking whatever I need from the garden, nesting boxes full of pretty eggs, sneaking down to the creek, endless days and late nights in the hammock… and of course, not running kids around like a Tasmanian devil. I miss … Continue reading soothe


Day 12 on GAPS intro and I’m pretty much over it. Over the worst of the detox and over broth and stewed meat. I need to keep broth as a three-times-a-day staple though so I better learn to like it. I don’t dislike it, it’s just that I’m ready for crunchy salads. And something baked. … Continue reading through


Some days just ache beyond anything articulate. There are tears for those day, I suppose. But that ache, it’s in the bones and marrow. The blood and cells. Everything inside knows, even when our outside doesn’t. Grief is a weasel of a word.  I’ve spent two decades on this spinning ball. I can only hope … Continue reading grief

tru berry

Ever since January has arrived, Tru Evelyn has announced a daily countdown to all, as to how many days until her birthday. Sometimes I’ll be told more than once in a day, how many sleeps before she turns 8. Maybe she’s nervous the birthday fairy is the same as the tooth fairy (who is obviously … Continue reading tru berry