I suppose spring is drawing nearer. I hear the song birds earlier each morning. I’m waking at 4am instead of 5am and that tells me the time change is not far ahead. I think our bodies are more attuned than we realize, to the rhythms of time and seasons. I sense most of it on … Continue reading


The earth beneath me is soft and saturated. I sink into it, making an imprint. Days ago that same earth was hard as concrete beneath my boots. It felt like tiny mountain ridges where the moles had cracked open the topsoil. I thought of walking on mountain tops, seeing a small world below and having … Continue reading saturday

Finding words lately is like trying to find flowers in winter. I circle the house and yard but there is nothing of color. Only sparse green and all dormant. There’s nothing here that I could compose a lush bouquet with.  In light of that, I’ve been writing poetry, where a succinct word can stand as … Continue reading

I never did prune the roses.  I let them go feral and jagged.  I do not like the thorns.  I cannot shirk injury so they grow more unruly. Undisciplined — the both of us.    There is a hole in my front porch. I hear squirrels gnawing in my ceiling. They are a banded army … Continue reading

mild night

Sprawled out on the trampoline with a sky full of stars hanging like a mobile. The Big Dipper is straight ahead, scooping up a ladle of the darkness. I’ve got a cat just as black on my belly, massaging his claws into my jacket with bliss. The clouds are moving rather quickly so my light-punctured … Continue reading mild night