tru berry

Ever since January has arrived, Tru Evelyn has announced a daily countdown to all, as to how many days until her birthday. Sometimes I’ll be told more than once in a day, how many sleeps before she turns 8. Maybe she’s nervous the birthday fairy is the same as the tooth fairy (who is obviously … Continue reading tru berry


Well… I’m 4 days into Stage 1 GAPS and there is no question my body is detoxing hard. Yesterday my face was rashy and bumpy and I knew toxins were coming to the surface. This is the only time to be thrilled about acne. I fluctuate between hot and cold several times a day. I’m … Continue reading detox


It’s project time upstairs. I’ve been working to get things ready for the bathroom remodel. It won’t really be a lot of remodeling as much as it will be replacing. It’s a tiny bath and it should go rather quickly and hopefully without issue. I was gifted some of the major items I needed (thank … Continue reading project

to be well

There are few colors to describe winter. It’s muted and drab. I find my descriptions bloom when the flowers do. Or if we could finally get some snow, I bet my brain would light up with wonder. White has always brought hope to my weary eyes. The hubby knows what I need and provides generously. I’m … Continue reading to be well


January has come and I finally cut back the grape vines and wisteria. I also pruned the berry bushes. They are dormant now, and will sleep off the rest of winter as long as we have cooler temps. I tossed all the debris into a pile in the garden and torched it until it was … Continue reading january

great undoer

Divine do-overs. Overs, as in more than one. We get 365 in a calendar year. That’s impressive. Reminds me of going to an arcade where the tokens never end. Game over isn’t really a thing that way. It’s game over then game on, again and again. I can be a sore loser or I can … Continue reading great undoer


Today I saw dozens of black cows standing freckled in the drizzle in an open and golden field.  Not long after, a string of black balancing birds perched on an electrical wire against a gray sky like a poster. She shed languishing tears onto her black embroidered shirt while holding a fading black and white … Continue reading pacey