Honest moments. Honest, meaning candid and unscripted. Like the scent coming off each home in the dark of evening as I walk. A dryer vent, food cooking on a stovetop, and a fire pit. The smells telling me a story of the life inside the walls. The sweetness of irises, and honeysuckle, and roses, instructing … Continue reading honest

a thing

So, I’m working on a thing. Always working on a thing… Shooting for June or July. Also, I promise to post bathroom remodel updates when I’m just a bit further along. Oh. And I need a clone. Continue reading a thing

Writing has been harder to pin down lately. It’s not for lack of words, but rather, the lack of choosing them. I can find myself all over the place in the course of a day, exploring many places. My mind is an adventurer. Disciplining it is a chore.  I’ve been tending to baby birds lately. … Continue reading

managing mess

Much of my writing is melancholic. I know this. The beauty can seem muted by the process. But, I don’t know how else to write, as writing is my processing. My brain spread out like a garment on my ironing board, then the searing truth applied. Ironing out your life is humble, honest work. I … Continue reading managing mess

grow slow

There’s a slowing that comes when you’ve reached the end of yourself. Like the last bit of honey, sluggishly seeping down the jar to a reluctant, pooled drip, then a finely webbed drizzle. It’s exaggeratedly pokey, with no way to rush. Not that anyone would want to hurry up the process of running out, but … Continue reading grow slow