I think I’ve been seeing it all wrong. I’ve never been one for abstract art, but it probably has to do with my depth perception. I’m nearsighted; I can’t see far away. But abstract things require the ability to see beyond, and most times well beyond. I like sensical smears and strokes. I really do. … Continue reading abstract


The geese are honking overhead like a siren for the coming cold. In their departure they forewarn. Farewell, fair weather friends; I can feel winter in your wake.  Frosted glass is the new view — inside the house, atop the vehicles, through my glasses. It simply means there’s warmth on the inside, and that’s a … Continue reading seasons


I managed to pull up all the sunflower stalks and burn them down to ash. It always feels a bit counterintuitive to do this, but it’s the best way. Throwing extensions of yourself to the fire is never a natural practice, unless you understand its usefulness.  This is the season of debris fire. You’ll find … Continue reading decomposing


I  looked into the indigo mirror that is the night sky, and saw my freckles reflecting back at me in the stars. We’ve both been marked, by heat and its radiance, and even twilight cannot conceal it. Within each sun-kissed speck is a journey of millions of miles. Such a precipitous lean for merely a … Continue reading stars


Gave up my running shoes Tied the laces together  Fired them over a power line They dangle in surrender  A white flag A finish(ed) line They say that means death I believe there has been The death of my fleeing My flight The wrong kinda fight If I run now My soles and soul  Will … Continue reading run


Fall is making its way to us. The north wind kicks up and the wilting sunflower leaves ripple out like birds sloughing off water from their wings. I’m plain puzzled at how two things can be so perfectly suited for one another — birds and sunflowers, that is.  I miss the finches. They’ve moved on … Continue reading autumn


It’s her Senior year. This translates to gobs of deadlines and events, testing, deciding, planning, and so many other things. It’s a vast precipice to peer out over. We wrap up, while preparing for. It’s the end of, and beginning of, big course-setting seasons.  My petite, quiet one: so unassuming and despising the limelight, yet … Continue reading eighteen