Day 12 on GAPS intro and I’m pretty much over it. Over the worst of the detox and over broth and stewed meat. I need to keep broth as a three-times-a-day staple though so I better learn to like it. I don’t dislike it, it’s just that I’m ready for crunchy salads. And something baked. … Continue reading through


Well… I’m 4 days into Stage 1 GAPS and there is no question my body is detoxing hard. Yesterday my face was rashy and bumpy and I knew toxins were coming to the surface. This is the only time to be thrilled about acne. I fluctuate between hot and cold several times a day. I’m … Continue reading detox

to be well

There are few colors to describe winter. It’s muted and drab. I find my descriptions bloom when the flowers do. Or if we could finally get some snow, I bet my brain would light up with wonder. White has always brought hope to my weary eyes. The hubby knows what I need and provides generously. I’m … Continue reading to be well