I’m already outside before I remember to take deep breaths. Shallow breathing causes my world to constrict and pucker. Everything feels too close, inverted. I pause to suck it up then whistle it away, back to its proper place and perspective. Finally, with a few more exhales, the far-sightedness is better. Now I can at … Continue reading panic


I hear the plop of raindrops hitting giant squash leaves. It’s as if someone is starting a slow clap. Staggered, a few more catch on and then suddenly it collects as a small applause. The sky is dimming; the clouds are being drawn closed like a curtain. The show is about to start. I imagine … Continue reading matinee

Romans 8:28

Raven night, you serve the beacon, hanging a coal canvas for its brilliant beam of hopes to navigate what is lost. Yawning pit, you serve the water well, surrendering the deep that scales its walls to quench my parched soul. Savage sun, you serve the shade tree, beating mercilessly upon it as it casts shadow for … Continue reading Romans 8:28