Sunrise slips under the covers and whispers me awake. New day. New mercy. The hens are gleaning and preening, per their usual morning routine. They’re quiet until they catch me in their line of sight. Then it’s all the chatter of a hen house as I sip hot coffee. Some folks read the newspaper; I … Continue reading morning


Waxy fruit squeaky between my fingers. It’s the sound snow peas make as they are being twisted for the table. Berries that droop lower and lower, weighty with juice. It’s a race to catch them before they free fall to the mulch below, or are marred by the birds. Crimson draws all the life. The … Continue reading gain

catch it

Lightning bugs arise like steam out of the tall grass. The setting sun is draping gold silk over the trees. It’s serene for a split second. Summer has been kind so far. Merciful. The clothesline is stretched naked but for the pins drooping below. No breeze to blow dry. I don’t mind; I am too … Continue reading catch it


It’s early morning and I spy a spiderweb stretched across the clothes line. It looks like spun silk glistening in the flickering rays. Dancing shadows from leaves and light entertain me. We’re all just waking up and stretching ourselves towards the day. My red songbird perches on the wisteria vine. He’s a male Cardinal with … Continue reading yellow


I’m trying to wrap my arms around a mountain. Trying to embrace the very things that have hedged me in and hindered my view. Failures. Disappointments. Traumas. Loss. I’m trying to make a circle around these massive jagged stones that hold all the hard things. It’s an enormous rock wall built of small and sedimented … Continue reading hard


Early morning rain on the rusted tin roof. It begins as ping after ping then it accelerates, like a dozen children knocking, looking for me. It’s only moments before it’s a finale applause, though the show has just started. The storm is on top of me but I’m hiding in the coop. This is where … Continue reading rain

Feeling a bit puny today. But I have a very attentive (rather, insistent) sidekick. She has a way of making my eyes roll, my voice raise pitch, and my belly laugh. She’s like a headache and a pain reliever, both. At one point today I think she tapped me 20 times within an hour. “I … Continue reading

waist high

It’s darn-near perfect outside. What an incredibly mild week of summer we’ve had. A reprieve. I love that word. Its definition is to cancel or postpone punishment. The heat can assault and afflict. I’ve seen it scorch leaves and vines to yellow crisps. And then that’s it – no more producing. I think that is … Continue reading waist high

in love

“Mom! Mom!…I AM SO IN LOVE WITH YOU!” My five year old suddenly shouted from behind a bush on the side of the house. I was standing nearby, looking at his tiny bare feet poking out below. I could hear the bashfulness in his voice. He couldn’t look at me directly while making his bold … Continue reading in love


This evening my friend shared a beautiful sprig of prose with me. Just a snippet of the scent of her person. We sometimes pass words back and forth like notes under a school desk. Secrets. Longings. Fragile things. Like little girls we tell stories back and forth, wide-eyed. Remember playing MASH? And putting to paper … Continue reading mash