I apologize for the long pause; I’ve been writing, just not here. There are words that will never hit my blog, and those are the words I’m writing now. It’s tricky to balance it all: live, deal, heal, write, live some more. And I’m finding that writing is a lethal weapon and sure can spill … Continue reading joy

pretty ugly

Handsome words Dipped in vases Until they don nicely  As bouquet and fountain Lovely and sensible Like a proper lady Button lipped Perfectly poised  Elegant in aesthetic Drawing accolades Like ribbon into bow  Wooing sojourning eyes As beacon and lamppost  Come spy beauty here  In the mist and midst  Of weary and wear A table … Continue reading pretty ugly

loving kindness

My heavy hands fall to the wayside, reluctantly lulled to rest by unmerited good. Not getting what I deserve, I am utterly disarmed. I suspect the best technique for loosening a death grip is to go limp in surrender. When there’s no fight-back, I’m left showing only my ruinous self. It becomes a one man … Continue reading loving kindness


I think I’ve been seeing it all wrong. I’ve never been one for abstract art, but it probably has to do with my depth perception. I’m nearsighted; I can’t see far away. But abstract things require the ability to see beyond, and most times well beyond. I like sensical smears and strokes. I really do. … Continue reading abstract