at the table

Sometimes, when you are in and at your absolute worst, you are given the undeserved gift of unconditional love. This is not void of consequences or painful lessons, but rather, the power needed to walk those things out into a better place. It upholds the heralded truth that declares: no matter how badly you blow … Continue reading at the table


Taryn Layne, born on the morning of December 7th, 2001, exactly 17 years ago today. I remember getting my bedroom prepped for birth, taking care that it would be a space I could relax in and feel at peace. I remember a 4am contraction that started it all, yet it was another 28 hours before … Continue reading Taryn


Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet, Fantasy Overture is making rings around the record player. It’s off-center a tad so there is an added flat, then sharp, to the loop each time around. I only hear it beyond the love and war scuffle because my ears are hyper vigilant. I hear everything right now — sharp truth … Continue reading thrifty

staying put

From my house I hear the countdown from ten to one from the announcer on the mic downtown. Then a loud cheer and a wished Merry Christmas to all gathered round. The lights are lit up. Downtown is adorning Christmas flare and now a parade to follow. My friends and family are there. My senior … Continue reading staying put

here and now

My hair is getting long again. Unruly. My nails are also gaining length. This means I’ve not used my hands to garden or build. Those two things are staples and I do miss them. But there will be time for that again. I assume so, anyhow.  I’ve gained a few pounds since summer. We’ve moved … Continue reading here and now

keeping cold

The cold is an old friend. Not the fair-weather kind, but the kind you keep around to hold you in check. The kind who tell you what’s up, straight up, without apology. The frigid wind hits my cheeks like hard truth, demanding that I look in and deal. It seems merciless but there is mercy … Continue reading keeping cold

the woods

I remembered a patch of woods from childhood. It was tucked behind the trailer park my mom lived in for several years. Carleton, Michigan: a main street only kind of town. I can still picture the order of businesses standing along it. I’m sure it’s changed by now, but I loved to run those strips … Continue reading the woods