January has come and I finally cut back the grape vines and wisteria. I also pruned the berry bushes. They are dormant now, and will sleep off the rest of winter as long as we have cooler temps. I tossed all the debris into a pile in the garden and torched it until it was … Continue reading january

great undoer

Divine do-overs. Overs, as in more than one. We get 365 in a calendar year. That’s impressive. Reminds me of going to an arcade where the tokens never end. Game over isn’t really a thing that way. It’s game over then game on, again and again. I can be a sore loser or I can … Continue reading great undoer


Today I saw dozens of black cows standing freckled in the drizzle in an open and golden field.  Not long after, a string of black balancing birds perched on an electrical wire against a gray sky like a poster. She shed languishing tears onto her black embroidered shirt while holding a fading black and white … Continue reading pacey