I pour the morning’s leftover milk from mason jars into the cat bowl, as a rare creamy treat for my felines. Nothing wasted.  I shake out leftover rice and turned greens into the chicken run, as eager birds wobble and gobble towards me. Nothing wasted.  I’ll scoop and shovel litter and poo into the compost … Continue reading waste


As I assess the garden, I find myself eager to cut it back. The fruit bushes look ratchet and hungover, but there’s still life there; it’s not time yet. I resign myself to watching it fall fast asleep yet another fall/winter. As a garden keeper I understand the basic principles, like when to sow, reap, … Continue reading pruning

one another

I live in a “one-anothering” town. I didn’t even know places like this existed until I moved here from southeast Michigan twenty-two years ago. I remember my first impressions, fresh out of high school. “What is this place?” It felt a bit Mayberry but I truly didn’t mind, even as a teenager. I welcomed the … Continue reading one another


Well, it seems summer is hanging on like an ex this week, so it’s my noise-makin’, wonder-filled chatterbox and I, and a low creek all to ourselves. She noticed it was Girls Night Out Thursday night downtown, and asked why we were not out. I promptly offered her a rain check for Friday night since … Continue reading tru

come now

Come now.  Softly.  Delicately.  Drape yourself like a bedsheet. Lightly.  Weightless. Cast yourself like a shadow.  Do not carry a single thing — simple or complicated.  Nothing that bears weight shall you hold. You are being now. Not doing. No furrowed forehead or drawn jaw.  Release.  Drop.  Open up.  Shoulders sinking. Head resting.  Heart cupped … Continue reading come now


I woke up as dreary as the morning. I feel like a murderer. Every day, for a lot of days, I purposed to killed anything that moved. If it showed signs of life, it had to die. I choked out many things, to the point of death. Some I just put a gun to and … Continue reading haunted


Walk with me? It’s morning and there’s a day’s journey ahead. The trail is damp with evening’s dew. My feet are eager to move. I snap twigs underfoot and spook two white-tailed doe deeper into the woods. They are elegant and swift creatures, and I’m reminded of my namesake — gazelle. I’ve a bounding heart, … Continue reading trail