waist high

It’s darn-near perfect outside. What an incredibly mild week of summer we’ve had. A reprieve. I love that word. Its definition is to cancel or postpone punishment. The heat can assault and afflict. I’ve seen it scorch leaves and vines to yellow crisps. And then that’s it – no more producing. I think that is … Continue reading waist high

in love

“Mom! Mom!…I AM SO IN LOVE WITH YOU!” My five year old suddenly shouted from behind a bush on the side of the house. I was standing nearby, looking at his tiny bare feet poking out below. I could hear the bashfulness in his voice. He couldn’t look at me directly while making his bold … Continue reading in love


This evening my friend shared a beautiful sprig of prose with me. Just a snippet of the scent of her person. We sometimes pass words back and forth like notes under a school desk. Secrets. Longings. Fragile things. Like little girls we tell stories back and forth, wide-eyed. Remember playing MASH? And putting to paper … Continue reading mash


Propagation. What a novel concept. I find so much satisfaction in taking what I have, and making more from it. It requires cutting roots and leaves, or burying runners and vines, but it’s always unto a new thing. It’s resourcefulness at its finest. I deeply value the ability to take a little, and make a … Continue reading propogate


It’s cool enough for a light sweater this morning, so I wrap my robe around me, not caring who might see. I’m just giddy for the opportunity to feel chilled, then clothed. Twenty-two summers later, and I still despise Arkansas heat. This Yankee would never survive a mile further south. My blood runs hot and … Continue reading serendipity


I’m already outside before I remember to take deep breaths. Shallow breathing causes my world to constrict and pucker. Everything feels too close, inverted. I pause to suck it up then whistle it away, back to its proper place and perspective. Finally, with a few more exhales, the far-sightedness is better. Now I can at … Continue reading panic